The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #10: No.26, Olney

We’ve reached the 10th post of my Coffee Date series! I’m so happy with how well this has gone and cannot wait to continue to write these posts. As I have said before, independent cafe and coffee shops are always going to give you better quality, service, and food for your money. It’s so important that we encourage these places to grow to not only support a decent cup of coffee and freshly baked cakes, but to help local businesses. My plan is to do more of these posts, with plenty more coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned!┬áThis week’s coffee date has gone to one of my local towns, Olney for the first time. I tried out a new addition to the high street- No.26

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The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #9 : The Hummingbird Bakery, London

So, last Saturday I unexpectedly ended up going to one of my favourite bakeries I have always wanted to go to. When I was probably about 15 and my Mum gave me my first Humming Bird Bakery cookbook. Since then I have always wanted to visit the place itself. Since starting this blog my urge to grew and grew and finally, on Saturday, it happened!

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The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date #8: Crumbs and Doilies, London

A couple weeks ago I went to London with a few of the girls for a little reunion. Safe to say a lot of food and a lot of drink was involved. Within this food trip, we couldn’t not buy some cake in the capital. We found a cute little place called Crumbs and Dollies. It’s a lovely cake shop, and if you’re ever in London and fancy a quick treat or lovely things to take home, it’s a convenient little shop. Continue reading “The Coffee Date #8: Crumbs and Doilies, London”

The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date #7: The Pavilion, Bedford

We’re in Bedford again! I find that the town is really encouraging independent business to pop up and thrive. This weeks Coffee Date is back with my boyfriend who actually chose the destination this week. Safe to say I should definitely trust him to help me with this more often as it was a great find. We went to the Pavilion in Bedford Park. We had great luck with the weather too as the sun came out for the first time in what feels like weeks. It was a great day for a warm, crisp winter walk around the park to finish off in The Pavilion made it a perfect Sunday trip. I love a walk and I love a bit of cake!

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The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Dates Series #6: Delices, Bedford

Where to start with Delices? Quite honestly I am struggling to know where as this shop blew me away this weekend. It’s honest and unique approach is a treasure I am yet to see anywhere else in the area. It is a place brimming with talent and beautiful food. If you want top quality ingredients, lovely service and authentic French cake you will fall in love with Delices. Tucked away near Bedford high street, the French shop sells a large variety of freshly made savoury and sweets which could grab anyone’s attention. (literally, I mean ANYONE) Continue reading “The Coffee Dates Series #6: Delices, Bedford”

The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #5: Fourth and Fith, Milton Keynes

It’s a been a while since I did a Coffee Date Series post. With a busy Christmas and being struck by a god awful cough as well, it was difficult to get out to coffee shops. But finally, I made it out and managed to get a catch up in with my friend from work in the process! This weekend I went to the brunch cafe Fourth and Fifth in Milton Keynes. Continue reading “The Coffee Date Series #5: Fourth and Fith, Milton Keynes”

The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #4: Out Of Office, Newport Pagnell

This Coffee Date post has been a long time coming. Finally, my hometown of Newport Pagnell (in Milton Keynes area for those who don’t know) has opened an independent Coffee Shop which serves specialty coffee. This has been a long time coming for the high street, and patiently waited for by many! No boyfriend in sight my Mum helped me with this particular review- which means something beyond just ordering a brownie. (love you really) Continue reading “The Coffee Date Series #4: Out Of Office, Newport Pagnell”