The Great British Bake Off Series

The Great British Bake Off Series #2 Biscuit Week

It’s biscuit week! This post is a little late following on from the airing of the show this week as I was on holiday in Spain, but still, I managed to squeeze a bake before the end of the week. This week saw the bakers make their own chocolate biscuit bars, fig rolls and showstoppers using biscuit recipes. This week I made Jaffa Biscuit Rings. Not exactly what the contestants did but still, a biscuit recipe!

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The Great British Bake Off Series

The Great British Bake Off Series #1 Cake Week

I’ve had an idea to use my love for the Great British Bake-off to get my creative baking juices flowing. I am launching a new blog series to follow The Great British Bake Off season which has just re-started on Channel 4. Each week I will blog a post using the theme of the GBBO of that week. Whether it be revisiting an old recipe or trying new ones! I think this is a great way to challenge myself and also to give people some inspiration if they are feeling like trying a bake after watching the programme.

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Wedding Cake

This post is a few months late but, after a busy period of moving into a new home baking and blogging has been difficult. However, in April I had the privilege of making my brother’s wedding cake. For me, this was a massive achievement and something I didn’t think I was capable of. With some help from a flourist, the cake looked great. In this post, I will provide the recipes for all 3 tiers, how I constructed the cake as well as some tips for anyone who wants to give it a go! If you’re not sure all 3 tiers are great on their own as a celebration cake.

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Raspberry and Custard Slices

Sometimes I can be in the mood to bake but really not in the mood with too much hassle and cleaning up. This recipe is not only delicious and a little different to your traditional tray bakes but only requires one bowl to mix it up in- the dream for anyone who hates washing up as much as I do! One bowl also makes this sooo easy to bake as well so really, there are no excuses!

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Easy Bakes · Fruity Bakes

Victoria Sponge

Sometimes you can’t beat a classic. Throughout all the years I’ve baked I’ve actually never made a classic Victoria Sponge so it was about time I gave it a go. It’s a great recipe if you’re looking for somewhere to start with baking. It’s so easy, simple and made from simple ingredients which won’t build up too much of an expense. It’s also a fantastic addition to a cup of tea or a glass of fizz!

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Chocolate Profiteroles

Something I love about the weekend is that it is always a great excuse to have pudding! For me, pudding has to go beyond a slice of cake. Pudding has to be far more- usually incredibly rich and smothered in cream or chocolate. If you’re going to have a treat you’ve got to make it worth your while! One of the only pudding’s me and my other half can agree on is Profiteroles. I think it is one pudding some people would struggle to dislike. Light pastry, filled with freshly whipped cream drenched in chocolate sauce. As I said, you’ve got to make it worth your while…

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Best Ever Chocolate Brownies

If there is one thing which stays in my mind when I think back to my favourite baked good as a child, I always think of my Gran’s Brownies. They are the talk of my family, always have been, and always will be. I have always wanted to recreate that same amazing Brownie texture and flavour but have always struggled. This post gives the best ever recipe I have come across with some tips to make the fudgiest Brownies possible! They still don’t compare to my Gran’s but they are still irresistible.

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