The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #13: Vanilla Tree, Bedford

This week’s Coffee Date is back in my favourite town to find an independent coffee shop to relax in. Me and my Mum decided to try out Vanilla Tree in Bedford for a lunch and cakey treat. I have walked past Vanilla Tree so many times and been tempted by the bagel menu every time, desperate to try them. I finally did, and it’s safe to say it is now a favourite find of mine! If you’re a bagel, brunch, or cake lover- you need to read on!

Vanilla Tree is near Bedford town centre and is only a short walk away. There’s a car park behind the shop which is ideal for those who need to drive over. The shop is located on St Cuthbert’s Street, and is a fabulous green painted building which is tucked away from the bustle of the town.

The interior of Vanilla Tree is modern, clean, and quirky. With simple wooden flooring and furniture, the walls are covered in artwork to give it something a little different. For hot summer days, there’s also an outdoor patio area to enjoy a coffee or a cool smoothie. Tables also line the windows for the people watchers and studiers of the world. The space is open and clutter free which ensures no stress when it does get busy!

The menu is on a big chalkboard on the wall and the choices are endless! Everything sounds delicious and it was honestly a difficult decision choosing what to have. Especially with everything being made in-house…honestly, I’m not joking!

So, when we did eventually order I got a Cappuccino and my Mum got a pot of builders tea which came with a beautiful teacup. The Cappo was £2.40 and was easily one of the best I’ve had in the area. It was strong and the froth didn’t hinder the taste at all, perfect! The coffee is also locally sourced from Leighton Buzzard.

The choices of drink are great from cold drinks to every coffee you could want, and a variety of flavoured teas which sound delicious, including Rose and Marzipan. There is also Smoothies and Milkshakes if you fancy a real treat from £3.50-90. The hot chocolates also sound luxurious for when the cold comes back!

The best bit about this place has to be the bagels. If you’re a bagel lover this is your dream. If you’re not…Vanilla Tree will turn you into one. The bagels themselves are handmade and baked on the day, something which is so rare to find in coffee shops/cafes these days. They come with a range of fillings, one which I had was Feta with beautifully spiced red onion. My Mum had the pride of Vanilla Tree- their homemade salt beef bagel which she loved. There are plenty of other fillings which have local ingredients in them too such as Salmon from the fishmonger in Bedford.

The cake did not disappoint either Their chocolate brownie is to die for, full of chunks of chocolate, a proper treat! I am dying to try their custard tarts which unfortunately were sold out when we went. That says a lot though- they must be good!

There’s something for the brunch lovers too! This is one of the only places I have seen who have French Toast on the menu too, again, I will have to back and give it a go. Other brunch choices include a toasted bagel with scrambled egg and chorizo, and homemade nut granola. The menu for Brunch is on a different chalkboard next to the counter.

Overall Vanilla Tree is a must go!! It pinpoints everything a good coffee shop/bakery should be and have. The bagels are fantastic, the ingredients are fresh and local, and it seems as though the custard tarts are in high demand! The service has to be mentioned too, as the staff working there are so nice and welcoming. This has to be one of my top places to go to in Bedford and Milton Keynes and couldn’t recommend it enough.

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