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White Chocolate Cheesecake

With the British summertime surprising us all this year with the glorious weather. BBQs have been part of the weekend for nearly everyone I know. It’s a great excuse to get people round and eat your body weight in food, and an even better excuse to make a dessert. This White Chocolate Cheesecake is a big winner and has the best mix of a creamy, rich, chocolatey dessert with the addition of sweet summer berries.

Technically this isn’t a bake, but technically this is still delicious and too yum to not be on my blog. One of my biggest loves is cheesecake, however, this is a serious treat given how rich it is. However, whenever I do have it I remember how satisfying it is to tuck in to. Although you can get baked cheesecakes I personally prefer to make and eat the ones you set in the fridge.

Going back to the theme of summer, you can’t have a summer dessert without some fruit/berries involved, in my opinion anyway! This dessert certainly lets you pile them on whether you serve it as a decoration on the top of the cheesecake, or on the side for guests to spoon on. The white chocolate flavour adds to the richness but the sharpness of fruit such as raspberries makes for the perfect balance so I would strongly advise you include these!

The cheesecake is so easy to make but plenty of time is required to allow it to set in the fridge, so don’t leave it till the last minute to whip it up. To avoid any risk I would make it the day before you plan to serve it. This was you can guarantee yourself that there will be no wobbles when it comes to taking the cake out of the tin.

The recipe is inspired and adapted from BBC Good Food and also my Gran who used to make a banging mandarine cheesecake which was a family favourite- when I have to think of a dessert which would please as many people in my family as possible, I always think back to what she used to make.



  • 300g Digestive Biscuits
  • 150g of Margarine
  • 400g White Chocolate (Broken into small pieces)
  • 300g Full Fat Cream Cheese
  • 250g Mascarpone
  • 300ml Double Cream
  • 200g Summer Berries of your choice to serve


  1. Using either a food processor or putting biscuits in a freezer bag and hitting it with a rolling pin, crush the biscuits until they look ground with no big chunks.
  2. Melt the butter in the microwave then add the crushed biscuit and mix well.
  3. Grease and line a cake tin that you have with the deepest base. I would also recommend one you can pop the outside out to serve the cake as it is.
  4. Pour the biscuit mix into the tin and flatten it out till it’s evenly spread in the tin if you think it’s looking too thick feel free to take some out. I use a spatula knife to flatten it out.
  5. Put the tin in the freezer to let the base set whilst you make the rest of the cheesecake.
  6. Begin by melting the white chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Stir until smooth and melted and take off the heat for 7-10 mins.
  7. Beat together all the cheeses using a hand-held electric whisk until thick and then gradually add the double cream. Keep mixing until the mixture is thick and can hold its shape.
  8. Add the melted chocolate and mix well again.
  9. Take your cake tin out the freezer and pour the mixture over the top and smooth out.
  10. Put the cheesecake in the fridge for a minimum of 6 hours until serving.
  11. When you take the cake out the fridge serve on a big plate and top with the berries of your choice in the centre.

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