The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #12: The Trdelnik, Prague

This Coffee Date has gone abroad! I spent a week in Prague with my boyfriend and although I was going to do a specific bakery or cafe I decided to instead, review one of the most popular desserts/street food sold in the city. I’m sure many of you have seen them on Instagram or maybe you have no idea what I’m about to talk about, either way, by the end, you will have a much better idea of what they are and what you can expect! I will also give some tips about Prague in general!

A Trkelnik or otherwise known as a Chimney cake is a pastry/dough cone covered in cinnamon, vanilla, nuts and sugar which holds ice cream, cream, chocolate sauce, or can be eaten on its own. I went with ice cream every time because I’m greedy and they looked amazing! I believe they are also popular in other countries such as Austria and Hungary so if you don’t have the pleasure of going to Prague you may see them elsewhere.

You can see the dessert made in front of your eyes everywhere in Prague. The dough is wrapped around dowels and rotates to cook over a fire. It’s mesmerising how quick the bakers make these things, and it’s very satisfying to watch. Also, it’s great to see the food your about to eat cooked fresh in front of you. The smell of cinnamon is beautiful and wafts throughout the city. It’s very difficult to resist getting one!

The treat can be a difficult one to eat so be prepared to get very sticky! Some stalls will put the ice cream in a pot for you, to avoid it dripping out the bottom. However, others literally fill the thing to the brim with ice cream so if you’re planning to get one make sure you’re having a light meal before! The dough tears off easily once you get down to it and is utterly delicious. A beautiful mix of nutty, cinnamon flavours with the texture of a warm dough.

In terms of prices in the city centre, some shops will charge probably around 120 crowns for a cone filled with ice cream, of course without, it can be cheaper, some even at 60 crowns if you’re having it plain! For those unaware of Czech currency 120 crowns is probably around £4.30 so not too bad for what you get (trust me they’re huge)

So other than get one of these delicious pastries and enjoy every minute of the indulgence, I do have some other tips for Prague to help anyone who’s going to go:

  1. Don’t think about it, go go go! Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to and can be so cheap for hotels, food, drink, it’s more than worth it! It’s literally like a fairytale town!
  2. Look for restaurants/cafes off the track. Many of them will have signs pointing to them which goes int little alleyways- follow the signs! Often enough they open out into courtyards with small beer gardens in them away from the bustle of crowds. They’re also a lot cheaper for beer and food!
  3. For traditional Czech food, in a beer hall type place with live Czech music head to U Zlate Konvice in old town. It’s literally on the edge of Old Town Square hidden down some steps (You’ll see the sign for it) It may seem different at first and quiet but honestly when we went within 30 mins the place was rammed, music was playing and it was a great bit of fun! Price is also very good for such a central location!
  4. Prepare yourself for crowds and especially avoid Charles Bridge during the day, try to go see it before 11am otherwise you can barely get a decent picture. Avoid a street called Karlova if you can at all times too which is the one leading to the bridge in Old Town- it’s honestly hellish for crowds.
  5. Go up the tower in the Town Hall- it gives you the best view you could ever get of Old Town Square- it was amazing and well worth the trip. You also don’t have to do any steps if you don’t want to.

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