The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #11: Ascott, Leighton Buzzard

This week’s Coffee Date is something a little different. Rather than just a cup of coffee and a bit of cake this coffee date also has a gorgeous walk involved. I love spending free time on the weekends having a walk. It blows the cobwebs away from the week before and is a great bit of exercise, especially if you’re not feeling the gym! But of course, there’s a cafe/tea room involved too…

This weeks review is on Ascott in Leighton Buzzard. The walk consists of a traditional English manor house with black and white timber. You can choose whether you walk around the first floor of part of the house an additional cost.

There is then the beautiful gardens which stretch across the land. These are fabulous and have plenty of flowers and water features to have a look at. There is also stretches of fields covered in daffodils in the springtime, and that’s before you’ve even parked up.  There are some great views of the Chilterns too through the gardens, and the surroundings are very peaceful. For £6 you can have a look around the four gardens including a Japanese one. It’s definitely worth the money for something a little different to your usual walk and to see some very…very well kept gardens covered in flowers.

The money you pay goes towards the National Trust to help upkeep and look after the site. You will see they do an amazing job at maintaining all the gardens. The people working there are often volunteers too. So at least you know the money goes towards a good cause.

For house and gardens, it’s £10.50. There are also outdoor theatre events on too of Midsummer Nights Dream and Peter Pan coming up. Again, something a different to go do on the weekend!

On-site is a cafe within a pavilion. There is plenty of seated area outside to enjoy the sunshine if you’re lucky enough to have some. If not, the inside is simple, but a nice place to relax after your walk. Coffees and Teas are around £2.50 each. I had a tea which was a good cuppa. I’m quite fussy with my tea as well, it has to have flavour and be strong. I definitely enjoyed this one.

I and my parents all had scones with jam and clotted cream. A classic British cream tea, can you really beat it in the sunshine? The scones were a little dry, perhaps they were baked the day before, but they were still good and tasted amazing with the cream and jam. They still tasted home baked which to me, is the key! We all wolfed down our scones and were very content. These were, I think £2.50 each. So, all in al £5 for a little afternoon tea is pretty good in my eyes! You can also get other cakes there for £2.50 such as your classic Victoria Sponge.

You can also have lunch with sandwiches priced at around £6.75. Or alternatively, you could have some homemade soup for a fiver, or a sausage roll for half of that (£2.50) Basically, whatever you fancy to reward yourself for that good walk is there and at a good price. Even tubs of ice cream if you’re feeling super summery!

So, as I said, if you’re stuck what to do this weekend, the weather isn’t too wet and you need to just brush off the stress of the working week…Ascott is a great place to go. Take in the scenery, and peace and the exercise, then treat yourself to something yummy!

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