The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #10: No.26, Olney

We’ve reached the 10th post of my Coffee Date series! I’m so happy with how well this has gone and cannot wait to continue to write these posts. As I have said before, independent cafe and coffee shops are always going to give you better quality, service, and food for your money. It’s so important that we encourage these places to grow to not only support a decent cup of coffee and freshly baked cakes, but to help local businesses. My plan is to do more of these posts, with plenty more coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned! This week’s coffee date has gone to one of my local towns, Olney for the first time. I tried out a new addition to the high street- No.26

If you’re in the Milton Keynes/Bedford area Olney is a pretty market town about 10 minutes from Newport Pagnell (if that). The Highstreet does have a great variety of independent shops too from gifts to furniture, to antiques, clothes, handbags, homeware, the list goes on! These are also located in hidden courtyards within the town which simply adds to it character. The town is surrounded by beautiful countryside so if you’re not feeling a shop, there are plenty of gorgeous walking routes around the town to go on, and a big country park about 2 mins drive outside the town centre.

No.26 Olney is a very new Coffee Shop which opened in the town I think late 2017. It is a very diverse location which not only does breakfast, but also has a lunch and dinner menu, as well as some baked goods. There is also a bar which again, only adds to what this place has to offer! The setting feels like a cafe/bar with an incredibly slick, modern feel to it. The interior is grey and uses wood and brown leather to add to its decor. It’s a relaxing place to be with comfortable seating and a good playlist to chill you out. There are sofas to sit on, tall tables, normal tables and a bar area, and tables looking out the window- we all love to people watch. It doesn’t feel at all crammed in either and feels as though every bit of furniture and picture was carefully placed.

I went for a late Breakfast at No26, ordering a cappuccino and poached eggs with toast and bacon. Now, you may see this isn’t exactly on the menu, but, the staff had no problem taking orders which make additions to certain things on the menu. Big thumbs up for customer service. I also loved the fact that you could choose your own bread: sourdough, brown or white. The breakfast was delicious and went down a real treat. Perfect for a late weekend munch! Any sauces you also ask for come in a little HP/Heinz jar as well, again, I’m a big fan of this as it shows they are using branded sauce rather than the cheap, vinegar drowned version of your favourite condiment. The original order of ‘Laid your way’ (so eggs your way) was only £6! With additional costs for the bacon…

Other items on the breakfast menu also include smashed Avacado, feta, and chili flakes (£6.95) granola and yogurt (£4), eggs and smoked salmon (7.95) porridge and a BLT. The full English is also a very reasonable £8.95. Overall, the menu sounds and is delicious and is good value for money. The ingredients tasted fresh and they were cooked well!

The coffee was one of the best cappuccinos I have honestly ever had in England. The milk was frothy and didn’t infused into the. coffee which can sometimes weaken its taste (which I hate by the way). It was strong, full of flavour and had a real punch. If you’re a fan of a very decent cup of coffee, this is definitely the place to go – prices ranging from £2.10-£2.50. So, cheaper and better than your chain coffee.

As I said before, No.26 does Dinner and Lunch too. They locally source the ingredients they use as well for their menu, which is always a great bonus. For example, they use Quail eggs from a village nearby called Chichely and Honey from another village called Gayhurst. There are also vegan and vegetarian options allowing the menu to please all. The lunch menu has a wide variety of salads from superfood, to Italian, to greek and Chicken Ceaser, these are all roughly £6.95 minus the Ceaser which is slightly more. A French classic of a Monsieur, and freshly made soup which is priced at £6.50 and £4.95. Again, freshly made and locally sourced food at a great price.

The dinner menu includes 3 courses which include fish, steak, chicken, and risotto as well linguini, so a great variety of dishes. The puddings, to me, sound especially good with deconstructed ginger and lemon cheesecake, to a sharing platter and sticky toffee pudding. I think I will definitely have to go back and give this ago with a glass of wine as it all sounds beautiful. The dishes sound very unique as well, nothing sounds familiar/as though you would get it in other restaurants.

Overall No26 Olney is not only a great addition to the town but a fantastic addition to the local area as a whole. It’s a great little place with a lot to offer. The breakfast is spot on, the coffee is perfect, the lunch looks delicious, and the dinner menu looks full of character. It’s somewhere different, new, and exciting. I highly recommend anyone to give it a go because I most certainly will be going back for a try of the dinner menu!


26a Market Place
Olney, MK46 4BA

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