The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date #8: Crumbs and Doilies, London

A couple weeks ago I went to London with a few of the girls for a little reunion. Safe to say a lot of food and a lot of drink was involved. Within this food trip, we couldn’t not buy some cake in the capital. We found a cute little place called Crumbs and Dollies. It’s a lovely cake shop, and if you’re ever in London and fancy a quick treat or lovely things to take home, it’s a convenient little shop.

Crumbs and Doilies are both located in Chelsea as well as in Carnaby Street. We went to the shop in Carnaby Street. It’s quite easy to find with using google maps but otherwise, it is just outside the food court area they have there. The shop pops out as it’s a beautiful bright blue. The one in Carnaby street has limited seating so if there’s only a couple of you, great, if not you may struggle to sit.

The shop bakes beautiful cupcakes, with some gorgeous brownies thrown in too! Using fresh ingredients, and hand decorating each one, the bakes are a delight. They look the part too, as you will see in the pictures, and are honestly one of the sweetest cakes I have seen! So much so, that they definitely inspire any baker to give cupcakes and decorating a good go. I can imagine results anything close to this would be so satisfying.

The flavours available often depend on the day. When I went the variety was still good. Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chocolate Orange, Nutella, White Chocolate and toasted sesame, Malteaser, the options are almost endless and most certainly tempting. As I said before they do brownies too, in this case, it was a cookie dough one available. My friend had this and definitely rated it highly!

What is even better, is that the shop offers two size- mini cupcakes and large cupcakes. I love this idea! If you’re like me, and can never decide what is your favourite or what you want, this mini cupcake option is more than ideal. The mini is £1.80 and large I think was about £3.60. You can have the option of taking these all away too in a lovely box. They also stay put too if you’re careful, I managed to get two home in perfect condition in my handbag! This means seconds later on too, or you can take some home for the other half you missed out on this treat!

Now the best bit, the tasting! If you’re a buttercream lover these cakes were made for you. The icing is thick, super creamy and comes in a generous portion. In some cakes as well they sometimes have a little in the middle.  The Nutella buttercream was honestly to die for! I liked it so much that my next bake is going to be similar cupcakes, as I wanted another one straight away.

The sponge base was so good too. Incredibly moist, tasted fresh, it was springy and the flavour was amazing. The Nutella one had little bits of hazelnut throughout to add to the nutty taste. The Malteser one was something different, I couldn’t put my finger on it but it was delicious.

The shop also offers to cater for events and bake larger cakes to order. All of this can be found on their website which by the way is amazing too! If I haven’t sold this place to you a quick scroll on their website and at their cakes will definitely do it for you.

Although this is a really quick overview it is still so worth visiting this place. As I said a quick nip in to have something to take home from a trip to London is again, worth it. The cakes look amazing, taste amazing and it’s all in a convenient spot right in Soho. All this, for a great price in my eyes! After all, no one goes to London to save money!


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