The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Dates Series #6: Delices, Bedford

Where to start with Delices? Quite honestly I am struggling to know where as this shop blew me away this weekend. It’s honest and unique approach is a treasure I am yet to see anywhere else in the area. It is a place brimming with talent and beautiful food. If you want top quality ingredients, lovely service and authentic French cake you will fall in love with Delices. Tucked away near Bedford high street, the French shop sells a large variety of freshly made savoury and sweets which could grab anyone’s attention. (literally, I mean ANYONE)

Okay, so let’s start here. Delices was opened around two and a half years ago by Geraldine and Diana who both came from Paris to start their own business. Both trained in one of the top schools in Paris for bread making, moving on to work in some of the best French bakeries and hotels. Diana also became a trained pâtisserie. This talent is clearly channeled into every aspect of the shop with the beautiful variety of bread and gateaux on display at the counter. Meeting Diana herself and spending time talking to her, the owners are lovely and honest people, who quite clearly have a big passion for baking. If there is one thing I value in any business it is honesty and passion!

Moving onto the shop itself the interior is like a little bit of Paris in Bedford. The seating and tables are authentic pieces of furniture you would see in a small cafe in the middle of the French capital. The shop is a move away from the overcomplicated decor some coffee places can have. Delices felt comfortable, well lit and was very welcoming. There are plenty of places and big tables to sit at, which is especially good if you are with some family or a few friends. It is a little tucked away from the main high street but it is a minute walk away, put it on google maps and it’s super easy. There is a multi storey near by as well.

Now to the food. This is the one review I have done where I have tried such a wide range of the shop’s food that I have so much to reflect upon.  Let’s start with the sweet stuff. All the cakes were again, something you would see and get in a French patisserie or bakery. What is impressive is that the ingredients are imported from France to ensure the best taste and quality. Anything with vanilla in it has used the vanilla bean, giving it an intense flavour, rather than just the hint you get with shop bought vanilla essence. Not only this, but all of the cakes are Diana’s very own creations- truly one of a kind. For Bedford locals, Diana also created a swan to symbolise the character of the embankment. The cabinet displays a variety of beautifully decorated and colorful creations to choose from. The decision on which to have, however, was so difficult!

There was something for everyone whether you like nuts, fruit, vanilla, chocolate, caramel, the selection was irresistible. They are also available to take away so if you have friends round or want a special treat there is the option to enjoy the cake in the comfort of your own home.

I was lucky enough to taste my Mums and the one we chose to take away for my Dad, as well as my own. I had ‘Le Delicieux’ and it was delicious! With layers of caramel, rich chocolate mousse, and light chocolate sponge it was a chocolate lovers dream. The sponge was so delicate and light it allowed the cake to be beautifully rich, whilst not being too sickly or heavy.

Incorporating Diana’s name my Mum had ‘Le Woo Man.’ Again, what an impressive creation. ‘Le Woo Man’ had a pistachio bottom, layered with an almond mousse with some apricot compote. This was delicately flavoured with a refreshing taste. The sponge was again, moist and light.

Finally, we took ‘Le Vanilla Mundi’ home for my Dad- almond sponge, white chocolate and vanilla ganache with a topping of Tahiti vanilla mascarpone whipped cream. This is where the deep vanilla bean taste came through and was honestly the best vanilla flavoured sweet I have ever had.

All the gateuxs are priced at around £4.00-£4.50- luxury and sophisticated cakes at a very reasonable price. As I said before you know the ingredients are good, you know they are one of a kind and you know they taste really good! There are other options too with egg custard flan, freshly made pastries (croissants for around £1.50), meringues, and macarons (which I also tried and were again 10/10). They even make their own chocolate and have gluten free choices too! Everything is made fresh on site, any food lover can appreciate that! Imagine, a homemade French croissant on a weekend morning- perfection.

Now onto the freshly baked bread/savoury food of which I was able to try a lot of. The seeded baguette and plain baguettes (1.60) had the real taste of proper bread. The dough inside was substantial unlike the boring stuff you get from the shops and crust had a great crunch to it too. It was so delicious all it needed was a bit of butter. Perfect with a bowl of soup! The bread also had a lot of unique choices too, and ones I haven’t seen in any bakery in the UK before. The Cocoa bread was gorgeous, again if you love chocolate and perhaps want something different for breakfast, give this a go. I also tried Les Boules- rye and raisin bread, which was so delicious!

There are also many sandwiches which looked great as well. With fillings which should be enough to entice you, for example: goats cheese, walnuts, olive oil and green pesto. There are also mini baguettes baked with filling such as lardons, goats cheese and sundried tomatoes, and olive and thyme. The sandwiches are also well at around £4.70 and mini baguettes £3.30.

The coffee is another winner. Flavoursome and simple, just what you need with good food from £2.20-90 and is supplied by Wooden Hill Coffee. If you are a tea lover, for £3.30 there is a grand choice of freshly infused teas with real fruit, sustaining the high-quality ingredients which run throughout the shop. I also noticed there was an authentic hot chocolate- not just the rubbish ones you get diluted with hot water- but made with 70% Belgian chocolate. Yum yum and yum.

This blog post will not do this place justice, they offer all this and more! They are happy to take orders for events/birthdays with a few days notice. They also offer an afternoon tea for £22- please go look at this menu the sandwiches are not your typical, boring, soggy ones you get in traditional afternoon tea, but are packed with flavour! All these options are perfect as a gift for a food lover.

Overall, what else can I say? Delices sells delightful food you honestly cannot get anywhere else in the area. Every penny is worth it and every mouthful is a treat! If you are in Milton Keynes or Bedford you have to go. We are so lucky to have this kind of talent come to Bedford and it needs to be recognised and, most importantly, it needs to be tasted.

7 Howard St, Bedford MK40 3HS
01234 353280

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