The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series #4: Out Of Office, Newport Pagnell

This Coffee Date post has been a long time coming. Finally, my hometown of Newport Pagnell (in Milton Keynes area for those who don’t know) has opened an independent Coffee Shop which serves specialty coffee. This has been a long time coming for the high street, and patiently waited for by many! No boyfriend in sight my Mum helped me with this particular review- which means something beyond just ordering a brownie. (love you really)


Having already established itself in the nearby town of Stony Stratford Out Of Office branched out into Newport Pagnell in the Autumn of 2017. The original thinking and finding of the shop were to open a space for creative thinking and working beyond the walls of an office where sometimes creativity hits a dead end. Not only this, but their goal was to bring specialty coffee closer to their customer’s home, making it more accessible for everyone, rather than being confined to London. Whether it is a catch-up or some space to work in, Out of Office tries to provide a space for everyone of any age and background. I know friends who have worked in there and had catch-ups in there. I noticed families, children and teenagers enjoying the space too, everyone is welcome!


The shop is accessible indeed. Located in the middle of Newport high street it is easy to get to for anyone in the Milton Keynes area. The decor inside is simple using very minimal furniture and block white, grey and black colors. It is small in size but with very little clutter and furnishings, space is utilised well to make more room for tables. There are plugs and USB ports located almost by every single table, perfect for anyone wanting to use laptops/phones/tablets, especially with free wifi. There is a mix of big and small tables, and breakfast bars, again, perfect for anyone wanting to get their head down on some work.


The choice of sweet treats is great. As I said before the shop really appeals to everyone. There are healthy snacks for children as well as a wide choice of bakes. Although there isn’t really anything for anyone with a savory appetite, the shop more than compensates for this. Out Of Office stocks local and independent delights from the likes of Minkie Moo Bakery and The Bread Factory. A big yes from me! The cakes range from muffins to cookies, and a choice of around 3-5 mini loafs, of which are gluten-free. (I told you it’s for everyone!) Priced at around £2.30-£3.50, the prices are reasonable.


I had the carrot cake and my Mum ordered a festive mini chocolate bundt. The carrot cake was spot on. The sponge was full of fruit and spices, avoiding the risk of the cake tasting too sweet and artificial. The icing balanced out these flavors perfectly with a touch of sweetness- but again, not too much! The cake was moist and clearly baked to perfection. My Mum’s mini bundt was also a winner. With red currants on the top, the sour, tangy fruit with the sweet chocolate was beautiful. With solid chocolate also running through the middle it was a chocolate lovers dream. These were both great sizes too, making us not feel too greedy!


If the cake sounds good to you, the coffee was even better! Served in transparent cups it was also different to many other shops too. Although I wasn’t a fan as they were plastic cups, it didn’t matter, the coffee was perfect. It was very strong and even impressed my Mum, who is a big macchiato fan and often gets them by the double! It was smooth and didn’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth- the dream! Drinks range from £2.10-95 depending on what you choose. They were also served with a little bit of Art in the frothy milk which was a lovely touch. If you know anyone who is a coffee lover- take them here! They are believers in not including artificial flavors or additives to coffee, stating that there are plenty of places which do this very well already. They aren’t wrong and if you want a proper cup of coffee anyway this is something which wouldn’t really bother you.


Overall the experience of Out of Office after many months of build up did not disappoint. The opening of the coffee shop was something which was needed for Newport Pagnell and it is great a local company of high-quality service and products have done it. I am sure the shop will continue to be a great success for the area and will please anyone who is like me and has lived in the town. An early Christmas present for me, I would strongly recommend Out of Office for anyone who wants a really positive experience and to try somewhere different.

logo (1)

45b High St
Stony Stratford
MK11 1AA

Newport Pagnell Office

41 High St
Newport Pagnell
Milton Keynes
MK16 8AR


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