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The Coffee Date Series #3: Nothern Cobbler, Leicester

This weekend I went back to my old University town in Leicester- Clarendon Park! I and my boyfriend decided we would take his early birthday celebrations there for the weekend. We booked a gorgeous hotel and headed there on the Friday afternoon after work- the dream! With a trip away I thought it would be rude not to take my Coffee Date Series with me too. Leicester is full of independent coffee shops which I would highly recommend: St Martins in the city centre and Skylark Bakery in Clarendon Park being two.

But this time I decided to review The Nothern Cobbler. Located on the corner, at the edge of Queens Road high street, Leicester, I regularly visited the coffee shop during my Uni days. I would encourage anyone to visit Leicester and specifically Clarendon Park. The area has an impressive range of independent shops compared to most high streets these days. Each of which is so unique too, from vintage shops to delis to florists.


The Nothern Cobbler is one of a kind in terms of its business and it definitely has that ‘unique selling point’. Opened in 2015 the two founders combined coffee and their passion for high-quality footwear together to make The Nothern Cobbler. The cafe itself sells shoes in store as well as online, all of which are crafted in Portugal and England, and they are beautiful! The shop also sells good quality chocolate, its own coffee beans, tote bags, socks etc. Their coffee is a brand in itself with it being specially roasted for the company.


The Nothern Cobbler definitely nails its interior. Upon entering shop it does look small, however, there are wooden benches located by the windows as well as tables towards the end of the shop, this makes for lots of room! I like the wooden benches in there too as they have both the high breakfast table style as well as the ones at normal height. Having a small Mum who hates trying to climb onto the high chairs I can appreciate where this would be a positive! The decor is simple yet effective. With a simple grey colour running throughout and wooden furniture, it is definitely somewhere which can make you feel stress-free, rather than feeling cramped in a cluttered cafe. This simplicity also allows you to appreciate their products which are around the shop. The music contributes to this ambience and is the perfect noise level. The cafe itself is often quiet rather than noisy too so if you’re needing a change of scenery for studies or a read it is perfect! (trust me on this one)


In terms of food, there is a small selection of granola and pastries for breakfast. The lunch menu has a variety of sandwiches, and some other choices such as a goats cheese tart, bean burger, and cheese and leek pie. These dishes are great if you fancy a change from the usual cheese sandwich at lunchtime! They are priced at around £6.50, a little pricey but the tastes and the quality are to a good standard.

I ordered a pecan pie and my boyfriend got a brownie (again? yes, really, again) The pie’s filling was sticky, nutty and yummy, and wasn’t too sweet. The size of the pie, although looked small, was perfect for an afternoon treat. The pastry, however, was a bit dry and hard to get into, nonetheless, this is the only negative- there were no soggy bottoms here! Now onto the big positive, this is one of the best brownies my boyfriend has had out in a coffee shop. It was gooey and moist, and the chocolate used tasted as though it was really good quality. The richness combined with the coffee was spot on. There is a good choice of sweets there too with a variety of cakes, cookies, and slices- a personal favourite of mine used to always be a peanut butter caramel slice!


Along with two coffees, our bill came to £10.25- not too shabby. Although it sounds expensive if you think how much you would spend on a chain and its quality in comparison, I promise you it is worth it. Coffees are around £2.60 for a medium and for 20p more you can get a large- bargain! The Nothern Cobbler roasted coffee did not disappoint either. It is deep and strong in taste. Even though the froth of my cappuccino the coffee was flavoursome which is just how I like it. It’s definitely the place for a coffee lover. The coffee menu is simple in comparison to some locations, but if they’re doing the simple stuff right, you can’t really complain!


Overall, Nothern Cobbler is a relaxing location for a coffee and a bite to eat. Its simplicity and sophistication is a breath of fresh air from the business of daily life (and other cafes). The food and coffee are consistent with their brand being high quality and exactly what you pay for. The shop is ideal for a catch up with a couple of friends and is perfect for anyone who wants to bury their head in a book or their work. The cake is delicious, the coffee is strong, what is there not to like?

Remeber they sell their shoes online too!


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