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White Chocolate and Raspberry Mini Cupcakes

For ages now one of our kitchen cupboards has had a couple of boxes of very pretty looking mini cupcake cases. With not knowing how to do mini cupcakes they have been very pointless purchases. However, the other week I accidentally ordered a box of around 80 by accident on Amazon (thinking they were normal sized). With now at least 100 to my name I thought it was time to work out how and what to do with them.

I was so stuck on what flavour to do for these minis. I have had some fab suggestions such as coconut, lime, lavender and rosewater from my cousin and aunty. All are cakes which I may look into doing in the future. Especially with minis, I feel as though delicate flavours are the way forward. This week, however, I chose raspberry and white chocolate. Indeed, a little summery for this time of year, but can anyone really say no to raspberries and chocolate? These are the one cakes I am also guaranteed to have my Dad eat as he is a massive white chocolate fan. I chose to add the berries too as I sometimes think white chocolate can be too sweet and needs something sharp to balance it.


With mini cupcakes, you do need to buy a mini cupcake tin, which you can get for something like £7-8 on Amazon. They usually come as a tin which makes 24. This batter makes 48. Sounds excessive right? When you see how small they come out you can appreciate as to why you may want to make that many! If you’re still not convinced just half the batter for 24! spooning the mixture into the tin is also very fiddly so be prepared to get frustrated and have your fingers get very sticky! Overall they are sweet bite-size treats. They would be perfect for a party and they are one of the easiest bakes I have ever done! The topping is also a ganache rather than a buttercream which I again think works perfectly to get a hit of flavour into a mini cake. The recipe is adapted by Cooke Bake Eat’s dreamy white chocolate & raspberry cupcakes.




  • 20g Butter/Margarine
  • 120g Caster Sugar/ Golden Caster
  • 2 Medium Eggs
  • 120g Self Raising Flour
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 100g Halved Raspberry’s
  • 75g White Chocolate Chips

White Chocolate Ganache

  • 80ml Double Cream
  • 20g Butter
  • 100g White Chocolate (chopped)


  1. Preheat the oven 180 degrees and prepare your cake tin with the cases.
  2. Chop the raspberries up into halves/quarters depending how big they are and place on a plate.
  3. Cream the butter and sugar together in a bowl using an electric mixer or wooden spoon.
  4. Next, weigh out the flour onto a bowl/plate (you’ll see why in a sec)
  5. Beat one egg and a little of the flour into the creamed mixture. Add the other egg with a little more flour.
  6. Combine the rest of the flour into the mix.
  7. Add the raspberries, white chocolate chips and vanilla extract into the bowl and mix well.
  8. Put the batter into the cases using a teaspoon and get them roughly 3/4 or full to the top. These make 48 so half the batter will be left for the next batch.
  9. Bake for 8 minutes. Leave the tray to cool a little and start taking the cakes out onto the cooling rack. Add new cases to the tray and add the remainder of the batter. Bake these again for 8 mins.
  10. To make the ganache start by heating up the cream and butter into a pan til it is just about to boil.
  11. Pour this over the white chocolate in a bowl. Leave for a few mins and then stir to make sure the chocolate has melted. If it hasn’t put the bowl over a pan of boiling water to melt down.
  12. Leave the ganache to cool for at least an hour and half-two hours. When you come back to it stir it and it should be thick.
  13. You can either spoon or pipe these onto the cakes but it can be runny to pipe.
  14. If you have any raspberries or chocolate chips remaining use these to decorate.


23721963_10213047627557788_1582910983_n (2)



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