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How to Host a Successful Charity Coffee Morning

Raising money for charity, cakes, tea and friends. What could honestly be a better combination?

When I decided to do my own coffee morning/afternoon tea I realised how much thought had to go into hosting an event such as this. However, it was incredibly rewarding, it was great to socialise with a mix of my friends and family and people really got into the spirit of things. I would encourage anyone and everyone to try doing a charity afternoon tea/coffee morning. Although many charities will advertise a certain date for their coffee mornings, do not get put off by this. It is by now means obligatory! You can have your own morning at any time just notify for chosen charity via email/online forms/telephone, all this info you can usually find on their website. Just follow the links to hosting your own event. There are some suggestions and links at the bottom of this post!

As I said, with hosting, comes thought and planning! But, it is still lots of fun! This post is my own guide on how to host a successful charity cake afternoon/coffee morning. With this guidance and your own commitment I guarantee the results will be great, and what’s best, they will be rewarding for whichever charity you choose to help.IMG_7673Getting People There
This is quite possibly the part I think most people may find daunting. Do not worry about who and how many people will come. Many people live very busy lives and it is not anything personal. However, to get the numbers up I would strongly advise you to ask people directly. Of course, make the facebook event, put the poster up in the staff room, these are great for publicity, but, if you directly call/text/ask someone they have no choice but to reply. They will also feel as though you really want them there and you have thought about them whilst planning your event. I would also say give people plenty of notice, last minute is a recipe for disaster!
Get Some Help
Do not try and do everything on your own! When it is for a good cause you will be surprised how many people will and want to help. Ask your guests to perhaps bring a baked good, a raffle prize or even come help set up! One thing I found so helpful was getting someone to take charge of tea and coffee. Remember, some of your guests may not know many of the others, therefore, you want to be hosting and mingling. What’s the worst the could say? No? Spread the workload and you will be far less stressed.

Don’t just bake the best cakes in the world, make your location look the part. Most charities will provide posters, banners and labels with their logo on if you let them know what you’re planning on doing. Cheap bunting of eBay, pretty napkins and paper plates, even fairy lights can make all the difference. Many charity shops will sell cute crockery you could use and I have seen some shops selling cake stands. T.K. Max is also a good place to visit. They usually have a section in their Kitchen department which has beautiful yet cheap napkins, cake stands, cases etc. Pimp the place up and make people come into a nice environment and remind them why they’re there!

Raising More Money
What I found very easy to manage was to allow guests to donate at their own discretion. Putting a set price on cakes can lead to more stress and trying to monitor the selling. If it’s for charity people won’t skimp. To encourage more donations, set up a raffle. Sell your tickets at something like £1 a strip and many people will give even more money. Ask guests to bring prizes as well. I’d also allow an opportunity for people to buy cakes on their way out, as many will want to take some home for loved ones, or as a treat later! You will have leftovers- take advantage of this and bring in the extra pennies!
Chocolate may very well be your one true love, but this does not mean it is everyone else’s! Ensure you have a variety of bakes on offer, hence why asking guests to bring goods ensure this happens. A suggestion would be perhaps a selection of cupcakes, muffins, biscuits/cookies, tray bakes (yes this does include brownies chocolate lovers!), or a loaf bake. If you’re worried about timing bake the cakes in advance and chuck them in the freezer until the event! We all work/study/have busy lives so staying on top this way can be really beneficial- just remember to take the cake out the night before!


I hope these tips will be helpful and will inspire you to host your own afternoon tea for charity. Think of the difference you could make by doing something you enjoy and meeting up with your family and friends! No matter how much you raise- it’s an achievement!

Charity suggestions:

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