The Coffee Date Series

The Coffee Date Series: #1 Southill Tea Room

My first review of the series is a belter. Located in a quaint village in Bedfordshire Southill Tea Room is one of the loveliest places I’ve paid a visit to. Before you even walk through the door, the path leading to the door already sets the scene. I and my boyfriend managed to come across this by a google for Tea Rooms in the area on a windy Autumn Sunday. We confirmed this choice with a recommendation from his Mum and off we went.


The outside garden and path leading into the Tea Room are unique in itself. Particularly under a backdrop of blue skies, the building looks like something you’d imagine in a children’s book or fairytale. With plenty of seating outside too, I can imagine this would be a perfect location for afternoon tea in the garden during the Summer. Even when we arrived, there were a few brave tea drinkers who had committed themselves to the windy benches. Walking in, I was already in my element. Welcomed by two beautifully decorated Welsh dressers, delicate tables and chairs and set out cups and saucers- the place nailed the shabby chic, vintage vibe to a T (or a V). There was also a selection of candle holders, cups and saucers, hanging love hearts, keyrings etc. on display of which you can buy (at a realllly good price).


Moving on to the menu, there was a selection of breakfast dishes, jacket potatoes, toasties/sandwiches/baguettes, quiches, etc. All were very well priced too with a full English Breakfast for £6.50. In terms of sweet (the best bit), there was not only a selection of homemade cakes in the cabinet, but afternoon tea, cream tea, and teacakes. The cake selection was great with a sponge, cupcake, pudding cake, and a tray bake, the decision was a difficult one. I eventually chose a raspberry and orange cupcake, priced well at £2.85. The drink choice was standard for most places in terms of their hot and soft drinks.

The service we had was 10/10. The lady who served us was so welcoming and helpful. She was easy to talk to and get along with. It was honestly, faultless. Even when they were closing up, there was no pressure to leave or finish up, and we didn’t feel uncomfortable staying for a while.


The cake itself was beautiful. A sticky moist sponge with a mix of tangy orange and sweet raspberry. There were raspberries running through the middle and the icing was a great balance, not excessive like many cupcakes can be! The sponge was light, and the size was perfect for an afternoon treat without becoming too filling or sickly. The coffee for me, ordering a cappuccino, was pretty average. It wasn’t very strong for my taste but it was still drinkable. On the other hand, my boyfriend loved his latte, he often struggles to find a place which makes them right for him. This was all served on vintage style crockery which I personally LOVE, with a proper cake fork to dig into the treat with.


Another unique aspect of the tea room was its support for other local businesses. Stocking a number of crafts, jams, honey, and pickles from local producers. I love this, local foods and goods are always a winner with me, and usually taste great too!

Overall, the experience was fantastic. I was genuinely excited by the place when I walked in and could not get over how perfect it was. The only thing missing, for me, was a strong cup of coffee. I will definitely be going back for an afternoon tea which is on offer at a very reasonable price of £13.50 per head. If you are local to the area of Bedford or Milton Keynes, it is well worth the drive out!


Southill Tea Room, 55 High Street, Southill, Beds, SG18 9JB,Telephone – 01462 817430

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